Oh, the places you’ll go!

I write this blog sitting in my temporary accommodation in Washington, D.C., which I will soon vacate. I’ve had the experience of a lifetime interning at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and I’ll be heading to Atlanta in two days to spend a week with my family before leaving for Copenhagen. Now, Atlanta isn’t really my home, but it’s where the rest of my family moved as I started attending college in California.

Between time spent with my family in Atlanta, at my internship in DC, and for my study abroad in Copenhagen, I would have spent the majority of my year in places I’d never been to before. This might sound scary to most people, and it probably would have to me just a few years ago. Still, I’ve spent the better part of the last two years on the road, and it’s begun to feel natural to me. I learn the most and perform my best when I’m meeting new people, exploring different places, and trying varied cuisines.

Come to think of it, there were signs I’d be consumed by wanderlust from my childhood. Growing up, I was always jealous of the kids whose parents worked in foreign service or the military since they would be always moving every two years or so. I never found “comfort” in living in the same place and having a constant set of friends like other people did. I was drawn to the idea of having a blank slate to start from, with no one holding preconceived notions of me.

Studying abroad in Copenhagen is the next natural step in my journey of self-discovery, but in many ways, it’s a leap. This will be the first time I’ll be alone in a foreign country with no family nearby. Although I know I will be well supported by the program, I can’t help but feel a tingling of anxiousness inside me. This will be a true test of my limits, a way to see just how much I want to make travel – and especially international travel – a regular part of my life.


By adarshabroad

Greetings, fellow traveler. My name is Adarsh Srinivasan (he/him) and I am in the Environmental Science of the Arctic program at DIS Copenhagen. I'm originally from India, go to college in California, and have lived in 4 US states and three countries just over the past 2 years! Join me for the next chapter in my adventure.

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